How to Hide All Reels on Facebook

FB Reels, a new addition to the social media giant’s feature set, allows users to create and share short, captivating videos with friends and followers. However, for some, this feature may not align with their preferences and they may conceal all Reels on their Facebook account. This article endeavors to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on executing this action and delving into the benefits that ensue.

Whether you’re seeking to preserve your privacy or simply desire a personalized Facebook experience, hiding Reels can aid in accomplishing these goals. In the following sections, we will outline four methods to achieve this end goal: disabling Reels in Facebook app settings, removing Reels from the Home Page, utilizing third-party browser extensions, and reaching out to Facebook support.

How to Hide All Reels on Facebook from Your Newsfeed Effortlessly?


The first method involves accessing Facebook’s app settings and disabling the Reels feature, easily navigable by heading to the Privacy and Settings section and flipping the Reels toggle switch.

The second method involves customizing the content displayed on your Home Page to remove Reels from view upon logging in.

Utilizing third-party browser extensions such as AdBlock and Ghostery provides a solution for those seeking a browser-based solution to concealing Reels.

As a final recourse, contacting Facebook support can provide additional information and assistance in hiding Reels.

Hiding Reels on Facebook provides improved privacy by shielding videos you don’t wish to share from others, better control over the content displayed on your feed, and an enhanced overall user experience. By curating your Facebook feed to exclude Reels, you can focus on the content that you find interesting and relevant.

In conclusion, hiding Reels on Facebook offers privacy, content control, and a superior experience on the platform. Follow the steps outlined in this article to achieve a personalized and enjoyable Facebook experience.

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