Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer

InstaNavigation is an online tool that allows you to watch and download Instagram stories, posts, reels video or photos for free and without limitations. With InstaNavigation, just few clicks it will help you to view Instagram stories anonymously and quickly without having account and no need to install any software.

Watching Insta Stories Anonymously and Private Profiles Viewer with InstaNavigation


It is not required to make Inta account. You can view account author’s stories, reels videos and other public information without installing any app.

You can use our Insta Navigation app for free. You can watch IG stories, reels, status or posts anonymously for no cost and on any device such as desktop, tablet or mobile (iOS Android).

Why Use InstaNavigation for Anonymous Insta Stories Viewer


100% Anonymity - Safe and Free

The account owner does not see your data in their views statistics. So 100% secure and private for your account.


No Login Required

There is no need to make an Insta account. You can also have the option to watch account stories, reels and other multimedia publications without registration anything.

All Devices & OS Support

You can view and download Insta stories, posts, reels and other info for free on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile phone (iOS or Android)

How to Use InstaNavigation App

Step 1. Find username profile you want to watch
Step 2. Get username of IG profile
Step 3. Paste username viewer box
Step 4. You'll get full profile info including IG username, ID and options to view stories anonymously or download locally in your device.

Key Features of InstaNavigation

Insta Navigation app is the best app to watch Insta stories without registration online without getting yourself exposed. Here are some of the top features:

That’s all you need to use InstaNavigation to view anyone’s Instagram stories, photos, reels, videos, likes, followers and status.

You can also save all photos, reels videos, posts which are public by the user. All is anonymous and free.


To watch stories anonymous on Instagram you need to use external service as Instagram app doesn't support story viewing without exposing your profile. InstaNavigation app lets you view stories anonymously on Instagram and it is the most popular IG viewer in the market.

Most anonymous Instagram story viewers work with similar manned: you type IG username or profile url. After that username/url is sent to Instagram API which sends public data back to story viewer including active stories of the profile. As all requests are made between Insta API and IG story viewer your privacy is safe and anonymous

No, unfortunately old/expired stories are not available for public use so we can't request them from official API. We recommend downloading active stories on your device locally if you want access them later.

There is no way to see who stalks your profile using InstaNavigation viewer as we don't record any of our users data as well as we don't send any user data to Instagram. If you want to stay 100% private than we advise making your profile and stories private.

Easy of Use
Download & Viewing Speed
Additional features

Using InstaNavigation app is 100% safe and legal as we use official Instagram API and doesn’t steal any data or hack into anything. You can use StoriesIG 100% free of cost and you don’t need to pay for anything – you simply get free, unlimited use to stalk your crush, check your bestie’s profile, spy on your ex and have all the fun you want.