How to Earn Money From Facebook Reels? Top 2 Recommendations

Although recently appeared, but Facebook Reels has shown the influence of a giant position. This feature was developed when competitors like Tiktok attracted a lot of  customers to that side. So what is FB Reels, and can we earn money from Facebook reels? The article will guide you on how to make money on Facebook Reels, the most prestigious platform.

So, What are Facebook Reels? 

Originally released and updated in February 2022, Facebook reels have evolved to support the posting of short and ultra-short videos. Although it is the same video, the algorithm of the reel is completely different. And the reach of reels is much larger than a regular video post.

earn money from facebook reels

Facebook Reels is a type of video with a duration of 15-60 seconds and can be edited right on the platform. As a result, these videos can provide:

  • Optimizing the display algorithm, the content reaches more users.
  • Diversify content to avoid boredom leading to loss of interaction.
  • Save advertising costs.
  • Increase timely trend catch.

Features of Facebook Reels 

  1. Filter (effect) Although there are not as many filters as instagram, but facebook reels have made significant changes. On reels you can find and use live effects sets. As a result, it attracts more users and increases likes more effectively.
  2. Have your own shortcut on your Facebook profile Reels is on the Facebook platform but developed its own shortcut. As soon as we access Facebook’s newsfeeds we can be navigated to Reels and from there will get lost in the maze of entertaining videos.
  3. Allows editing, merging music, adding special characters Although not a professional video editor, the video editing feature also works quite well for simple people. At the same time, the variety of sounds built into the platform is very attractive.

Instructions on how to earn money from Facebook Reels platform

The benefits and features that Fbreels bring so outstanding are also an opportunity to make money for quick young people. Here are three ways to earn money from Reels to help increase your income today.

Earn money from facebook reels

1. Make money from advertising videos 

Although they are just short entertaining videos, for content creators with millions of views, making a promotional video is simple.

There are two types of ads that Facebook allows on Reels:

  1. Banner ads: which appear as an overlay at the end of the video
  2. Ads with stickers: allow content creators to be anywhere in the video. This is the same form as advertising on the page.

2. Make money with Affiliate Marketing 

The term Affiliate marketing has been popular on e-commerce platforms for a long time. This is a form of advertising, connecting between the producer and the buyer to receive a commission every time a successful order is generated.

earn money from facebook reels

Thanks to the huge number of long-standing users. Understandably, Reels was born to create certain successes. The fact that you can seize the opportunity to make money is still a process. The article has shown you how to effectively make money from the Facebook Reels platform. Don’t forget other powerful tools to help you in your business. If you need product advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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